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Atomic Habits Pt. 3
May 29, 2022 at 8:00 AM
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To be successful in trading, new habits need to be established, but before these new habits come into fruition, breaking any bad habits beforehand could create success much quicker. In Atomic Habits, James Clear provides four laws to break a bad habit which is the opposite of creating a new habit including make it invisible, make it unattractive, make it difficult and make it unsatisfying.

Four Laws to Breaking A Bad Habit

Law #1 - Make It Invisible

  1. Reduce exposure by removing the cues of your bad habits from your environment.
  2. Phone distractions - avoid this by removing your phone from the room while you study.

Law #2 - Make It Unattractive

  1. Reframe your mindset by highlighting the benefits of avoiding your bad habits.
  2. Reflect on the worst case scenario so we can get emotionally heightened in what that bad experience or feeling would be like.

Law #3 - Make It Difficult

  1. Increase friction by increasing the number of steps between you and your bad habit.
  2. Use a commitment device. Restrict your future choices to the ones that benefit you.

Law #4 - Make It Unsatisfying

  1. Get an accountability partner
  2. Create a habit contract. Make the costs of your bad habits public and painful.

Once you are aware of your bad habits, now your understanding of human behavior might help you be more self conscious of your cravings or desires. Some habits might be automatic where you don’t even know it’s a habit such as putting your right shoe on before the left shoe. Although, being aware of your cravings or desires might not be the only thing you need to break a bad habit. Therefore, you can implement these four laws James Clear provided to create friction if your bad habits aren’t serving you in the goals you want to reach. Would you want a more in-depth understanding and walk through of this behavior psychology hack then enroll in the NewWave Academy for a comprehensive trading system that leverages behavioral psychology to get you results. Only one of our many edges that is helping NewWave Traders become the industry leader in creating successful traders!

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