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About Schyler "The Hippo"

Meet Schyler

Hi! My name is Schyler Edwards and it's my passion and moral obligation to solve a major problem in the technical analysis industry, and by doing so show you how to become an independent and successful trader. 

I'm passionate about cryptocurrencies and it's underlying technology and absolutely love day trading and educating others since it's had such a big impact on my life. Furthermore, I possess a unique skill for teachings others that I originally never thought possible.
Where did this all begin though? Well, since 2012 I've dabbled in self education with business and finance, but the real game changer was when I invested in Ethereum at $33 and grew a seed investment of $866 to nearly $30,000 in seven months through an assortment of altcoins during 2017. Since then, I actively pursued trading that balance during the bear market of 2018 to current and have managed an account of 6 figures, thus birthing my slogan of "Learn to profit in any market condition". It's not only possible, but proven and systemized. As such, its my moral obligation to teach others and change lives.

Outside of the crypto world I'm passionate about self development, fitness, outdoor adventures, gardening, learning, family, and all things business.

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Our Mission and Vision

It is my vision and the NewWave Traders mission to become the leaders in Elliott Wave education and to create a movement with the Ultimate Trading System we've put together alongside a phenomenal discord group of professionals and aspiring traders constantly progressing into independent and full time traders.

It is our motto to be the best teachers and role models. To always progress forward and reach back to lift another person into a greater role and purpose. To impact and change lives.

NewWave Traders will not just be a discord or business, it will be a movement. A movement in trading, a movement in Elliott Wave, a movement in education, a movement in LIFE STYLE.

With this passion, incentive and belief we can and will accomplish our mission.

This is the framework we follow:
1. Create the best environment for individuals to learn and thrive in.
2. Provide a better, more intimate service than anyone else through personalized feedback, videos, and responses from all teachers.
3. Follow a proven system that garners results for members
4. Create a fair and competitive price that is value focused.
5. Lastly, be results focused simply because results change lives.

Due to this mission and the passion that fuels it you can expect to find us in your emails, dm's and tagging everyone to constantly remind you to stay focused, follow the system, to engage and not get distracted,so that we can help transform you into a profitable and independent trader.

This is NewWave Traders... BECOME part of the movement!!!

The Type Of Education Being Delivered Out There NeedS To Change!

Elliott Wave is one of the more advanced trading styles, and individuals lack of understanding it due to the informatin gap has created a flurry of disorganized, and inaccurate information with little ability to actually teach or show how to apply it. 

IT IS the most powerful trading style in my opinion and was the ultimate solution and game changer for becoming profitable in the markets. 

Elliott Wave is the tool to garner 80-90% win rates and the language of the markets to understanding market structure and movements with insane clarity compared to other styles. 

Best part, I can make this a lot easier to comprehend and apply than the vast majority of others out there, and I can do it with a proven system and strategies that can be applied to real time. I've already done this for hundreds of students.

If you want to be an independent trader, see the markets with clarity or even just strengthen any of your current strategies and create insanely accurate ones, then you're in the right place.

Come join the movement and change your life!

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