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The Best Smart Crypto Trading Platforms
December 17, 2021 at 5:00 AM
by NewWave Traders

Smart crypto trading platforms help you manage your crypto assets all in one interface. With all of the different cryptocurrency assets and exchanges, you might find that you have coins and are trading on multiple platforms, but with these two smart crypto trading platforms, you can easily manage your crypto assets to maximize gains and minimize risk.


3commas has been helping crypto traders trade and manage across crypto market exchanges since 2017 by using professional tools for automating trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This all-in-one interface allows users to trade in one place without logging in and out of every exchange you have an account with. Features include SmartTrade and Terminal, which provide absolute control over your crypto positions and allow you set up trailing stop losses, stop losses and take profit targets at the same time. 3commas also has award-winning trading bots for their users if they are too busy to monitor their trades. 3Commas has competitve pricing plans that can help you maximize your trading gains.

If you are interested in trying 3commas, click here to get started!


Bitsgap is another all-in-one trading automation platform for bitcoin and altcoins that provides some great tools to help you trade more efficiently, with no extra trading fees. Bitsgap features integrations that include various exchanges, tradingview charts, portfolio tracking, and trading bots. Bitsgap also has competitive pricing options that fit for every level of trader.

Want to learn more about Bitsgap? Follow this link to check it out