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The Best Crypto Trading Discord & Community
October 25, 2021 at 4:00 PM
by NewWave Traders
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What makes a good crypto trading discord group? It should be a combination of a quality education, consistent trade setups and signals, and a robust community that shares the same passion for trading and investing. Crypto trading discord groups are one of the best place traders because they can collaborate through sharing crypto news, providing trading education, and giving a confidence boost from others that see eye-to-eye in the cryptocurrency markets.

Here are five reasons that the NewWave Trader (NWT) discord is the best for you:

  1. Expert Traders: Our discord is full of experienced traders that consistently make profitable trades and share their setups with the community. We currently have three full-time professional traders that have helped create the NewWave Trading Academy and regularly answer questions and provide advice. See what our current students have to stay about it here.
  2. Diversity of Content: The NWT discord offer several different channels to provide diverse content to our users. We have channels that focus on crypto news and chat, trade signals, chart analysis, and NewWave Academy education where students can hone their craft. While the discord server is broken down into free and paid tiers, there is surely something for everyone who wants to get more consistent results. Join our Discord for Free today!
  3. Active Community: If you have ever been a member of other trading communities, you know that most of the activity happens behind paywalls. Even if you do join a free discord, there is little to no activity or analysis that will help you better your trading. This is where the NWT server differs. Our free channels encourage community interaction and you’ll almost always find someone to bounce an idea off of. Check out the conversation in in our Crypto Chat channel!
  4. Perfect Place for Beginners: The NewWave Traders discord is the perfect place for a beginner trying to dip their toes in trading and get a feel of what NewWave Traders is all about. Our goal is to transform every beginner into an independent trader with our unique NewWave Academy system. Learn more about how we use Elliott Wave to trade in the crypto market.
  5. Tailored Feedback: The absolute best part of the NWT discord is the tailored feedback that you get for your questions. Struggling with a concept in one of the New Wave Academy modules? Ask your question and get real-time examples. Interested in getting some feedback on your charting techniques? Post it in our analysis channel and get experienced feedback on your techniques. Worried that the market may dump? Ask in our crypto chat channels to get a pulse on the market from experienced traders. Whatever you need, you can find it on our discord.

    The first step to take advantage of the best trading discord is to join. The learning process starts with you taking action and overcoming the mindset it takes for you to find financial freedom, and the NewWave discord is the perfect place to help you do that.

To master the markets and become a successful trader, sign up now for our free Elliott Wave course and discord channel!