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The Best Affiliate Program For Trading and Investing
March 30, 2022 at 4:00 AM
by NewWave Traders

Are you looking for a crypto affiliate program in the day trading and investing sector to earn some extra cash? The NewWave Academy Affiliate Program rewards you with 30% commission on each sale. If you desire promoting a high quality trading education product then the day trading affiliate program for you is NewWave Academy.

We support our affiliate marketers with everything they need to succeed, from banners, mockups, and testimonials, to funnel templates and copywriting. Just reach out to to get assigned an agent and receive all the help you need to set up proven sales processes on automation! Commissions paid for the previous month after the first 30 days via paypal or check.

So what is NewWave Traders and why are we superior to the competition?

At NewWave Traders, it is our mission to become the industry leaders in creating successful and independent traders. We do this by focusing your attention on mastering a single proven system called the NewWave System, whereas the industry standard is to provide libraries of information and leave you to figure out how to piece it together while constantly throwing new distractions at you.

NewWave Traders is creating a movement in trading results, trading education, trading communities, and lifestyle by delivering a superior learning experience where teaching methods are based on behavioral psychology and science based ultra learning methodologies that are unknown in this industry.

With our passion, purpose, and revolutionary teaching and learning environments we are producing industry leading results for our students. With a high quality product that generates results like these student referrals quickly follow which puts more money in your pocket!

To get started with the NewWave Traders Affiliate Program just create an account [HERE] and then reach out to to get assistance on accessing the materials and training you need to succeed.