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March 2, 2022 at 5:00 AM
by NewWave Traders

In order to become successful in trading, you must have a trading system to follow with proven strategies and techniques to help you gain profit consistently. Most trading educators rarely ever teach all the components you need in a full trading system to trade successfully. Typically, they focus on teaching one or two of these components, leaving their students empty-handed while trying to piece it all together. Here at NewWave Traders (NWT), that’s simply not the case.

Mastering a skill like trading set takes time and patience; However, NWT can save you time, develop your patience, and boost your confidence through a proven and well-researched system. NWT is a one-stop shop for all your trading needs: providing every component to our full trading system, which includes the four key components to a trade, as well as understanding trading psychology and risk management.


NewWave Traders trading psychology dives into topics such as emotions, discipline, brain and body health, psychology of strategies and risk, trading small vs large accounts, paradoxes, mindset, and responsibility. This might sound like a lot to a new trader, but to become successful in trading, you must change how to approach risk and reward. You must treat trading the same as a business and plan strategically to generate wealth as an independent trader.

Components of a Trade

Components of a trading system might include things such as chart patterns, price symbols, indicators, and tools. Most trading educators might teach how to use all these components, however they will leave out other important components such as risk management. NewWave Traders strategically combines technical analysis, risk mitigation, and trading psychology to create a high-caliber system for independent traders.

To learn more about our four components of a trade and the psychology that it takes to become a successful trader, check out the NewWave Academy and join our free discord