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Components Of An Informed System
May 1, 2022 at 3:00 PM

Majority of traders are self educated and utilize free material as much as possible, but unfortunately this keeps them in the trading “hamster wheel.” It’s not about knowing more, it’s about being able to correctly apply a consistent step by step proven system. In this blog, I will talk about the informed vs uninformed traders and having a way to navigate through the market with the right perspective which is reliant upon a complete trading system.

Not all market participants can be foreseen. Due to this truth even the most informed market participants experience being wrong. To become a more informed trader a system has to be created to provide an edge and identify intelligent buy and sell levels. The uninformed traders typically don't know they’re in a trading “hamster wheel” and they usually get burnt out by losing money and creating beliefs that their indicator or strategy doesn’t work. This will begin with trying to learn all the free strategies on youtube and never really mastering a complete trading system that allows them to identify high probability trade setups and understand all the ways the market can move. Everyone wants to learn how to trade without forking up a huge investment, but with the right mentors and a complete trading system an investment is worth being an informed successful trader for a lifetime!

Being an informed trader means being on the right side, which means you have a complete trading system that helps you navigate through the market, and being informed of every way the market can move. One of the main components of a complete trading system is having a consistent and reliable technical analysis to create strategies but there are many other factors that get left out such as position sizing, risk management, and trading psycology. One of the most important qualities of a complete trading system is that the decision making process be kept consistent. Technical Analysis provides us with a way to identify buy and sell opportunities in the market based on historical data using patterns and math. The NewWave system is just that, using four components of technical analysis to create superior strategies that provide an edge to identifying buy and sell opportunities in the market, which makes up the only complete trading system you would ever need to become an informed successful trader. To learn more on the NewWave System, check out my FREE webinar by clicking HERE