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Bitcoin Drop Incoming 11.15.21
November 15, 2021 at 5:00 PM
by NewWave Traders

Key Points:
1. #BTC drop inbound to these key levels for bitcoin. 60k, 55k, 48k. Each level can act as a bullish continuation pivot but probability decrease on each one for bulls.
2. Ethereum #ETH drop also inbound to demand zone between 3926 to 4230
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Bitcoin leading the way for a drop to 60k based on this bitcoin's technical analysis today where we are looking for our first opportunity for continuation from the bulls as this would create a certain wave pattern discussed and broken down in the video attached. If we lose 57927 low we'll invalidate the hidden bull divergence needed to make 60k target our low and price will likely fall towards 54k, which is a critical level we don't want to break thereafter for the bulls.

Ethereum rice today is currently on the channel support, but given BTC's current price analysis this channel should break and #ETH should visit the demand zone between 3926 and 4230 where buys are expected to kick in. If we lose 4230 we will break smaller tf market structure signaling strength from the bears. This is based off the NewWave Ethereum Technical Analysis conducted today. Check out the video above for a more techniical and indepth breakdown.

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