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3 Reasons Right Now Is The Time To Learn Day Trading
April 20, 2022 at 4:00 AM
by NewWave Traders
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The time to learn day trading is NOW! The crypto markets are experiencing indecisive turmoil with economic uncertainty looming over us; however, day traders aren’t as affected as they have control over the time we spend in the market. Day traders can long or short the market depending on the asset’s wave structure and market sentiment.

Right now is the time to learn day trading as it gives you skills to navigate an indecisive market, such as better risk management and gaining profits in any market condition. Beside, hodling won’t generate you wealth for another 3-5 years.

In times like these, risk management is key for trading success and can pay off tenfold and beat your long term portfolio. Whether you are raising your stop loss to secure profits or break even, you are strategically minimizing risk and opening yourself up to other trading opportunities. These opportunities could be just another day trade that presents itself or buying up a massive liquidation event with the whales (aka “smart money”.)

You can also gain profits in any price direction and for any time horizon, which means this valuable skill is extremely helpful to even long-term investors, not just short-term day traders or mid-term swing traders.

Elliott Wave contributes to this because it is a fractal pattern, and therefore it can be traded in multiple degrees. It allows us to trade multiple strategies in multiple timeframes and it's a superior pattern identification system because of its rules and guidelines and ability to predict future patterns from its past patterns. In addition, we have paired Elliott Wave with three other components to make the most effective and reliable trading system.

Lastly, hodling won’t generate you wealth for another few years, so how can you generate profits right now? Day trading is the answer and can provide you with the results you’re looking for if you want to learn and master a reliable system. The NewWave system is the most consistent and effective system on the market providing Elliott Wave strategies paired up with other technical analysis components to help find high probability trade setups.

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